Liver Disease Detection using Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm

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Liver disease prediction is implemented with deep learning algorithm. For more customization of the project, contact us

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Liver Disease prediction application is developed based on deep learning techniques. The major objective is to predict the disease with higher accuracy. Designed an application where liver CT scan image can be uploaded to get the prediction results.

In recent years, deep learning methods have introduced innovative and effective solutions to many image analysis tasks. As a result, deep neural networks have expanded to the field of medical imaging, with the purpose to automatically capture the anatomy and physiology of diseases and to quantify their prevalence.


Liver disease is a tricky disease to diagnose given the subtlety of the symptoms while in the early stages.

Problems with liver diseases are not discovered until it is often too late as the liver continues to function even when partially damaged.

Early diagnosis can potentially be life-saving. Although not discoverable to even the experienced medical practioner, the early symptoms of these diseases can be detected.

Early diagnoses of patients can increase is/her life span substantially.


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