Are you ready to jumpstart your career in the tech industry? Look no further! Join our 6-month internship program and gain hands-on experience in Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Data Science, Python, and Full-Stack Development. Build an impressive portfolio and get ready for your dream jobβ€”all for just β‚Ή2500!

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Cost: β‚Ή2500
  • Phases: 4 comprehensive phases with 4 projects each
  • Focus Areas:
    • Machine Learning (ML)
    • Deep Learning (DL)
    • Data Science
    • Python Programming
    • Full-Stack Development
  • Python Fundamentals: Develop mini-projects and master Python basics.
  • Data Science Basics: Perform exploratory data analysis on real datasets.
  • Web Development Basics: Build a static website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Simple REST API with Flask: Create a basic RESTful API.
  • Advanced Python: Dive into object-oriented programming.
  • Intermediate Data Science: Conduct comprehensive data analysis and visualization.
  • Machine Learning Basics: Implement basic machine learning models.
  • Backend Development with Flask: Create complex REST APIs with database integration.
  • Deep Learning Basics: Build neural networks for image classification.
  • Advanced Machine Learning: Work on complex projects like sentiment analysis.
  • Full-Stack Development: Develop full-stack applications with Flask and React.
  • Capstone Project Proposal: Plan your final project.
  • Capstone Projects: Work on independent, integrated projects showcasing your skills.
  • Portfolio Development: Compile and showcase your projects in a professional portfolio.
  • Weekly Workshops: Enhance your skills with resume building, interview prep, and more.
  • Mentorship: Get guidance from industry experts.
  • Networking: Connect with professionals and alumni for career opportunities.
  • Affordable: Only β‚Ή2500 for an all-inclusive 6-month program.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering all essential areas of tech.
  • Hands-On Experience: Real projects that you can showcase in your resume.
  • Career Support: Workshops, mentorship, and networking to help you land your dream job.

Visit our website at and fill out the application form. Limited spots availableβ€”apply now and take the first step towards a successful tech career!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your future. Invest in yourself today and secure a promising career in tech!

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